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TVO developed a documentary around the “Group of Seven” painters and the locations of their masterpieces. The documentary traveled through Canada shooting still and video footage of these locations and recounted stories of the events. Their desire was to create an interactive digital experience around the show where users could visit the locations themselves by a seamlessly integrated web & mobile based platform.


Brainstorming upon ideas - we developed various tools and technologies to draw users into the experience, providing insights into the painters' minds. We designed and developed a hybrid platform, where artist backdrops were super-imposed with the actual paintings, sound bytes, natural background sounds and video. This created a seamless experience that enabled users to discover new things by interacting with the entire page.


Multiple iterations and final polish delivered a realistic experience and high quality digital environment that provides responsive and engaging interactions. The site itself serves as an educational and beautiful experience that extends the art of story-telling from the medium of film and documentary into the world of web development and user experience design. The site attracted over 100k engagements during the show’s active campaign.