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karie medical dispenser.


We were contacted by Cortex Design, an industrial design and robotics lab to partner with them and their client, AceAge, in architecting and branding an appliance that automates the medication management and dispensing process. The medical industry loses $20 billion every year in missed dosage refill requests. We were given six weeks to deliver. Risk takers, we thought about it a little and said, why not?


Multiple collaborative client discovery sessions were held as part of a brand audit to better understand AceAge's service offering and roadmap before creating a new visual design system consisting of the logo, language, colours, and personality. In parallel, the team began immediate work on user experience design and software development for the device and interface controlling the dispensing mechanism responsible for the medication.


A fully working prototype was delivered to AceAge to continue fundraising and demonstrations as part of an ongoing campaign to deliver karie to a market beyond clinical trial studies with CRO’s, and into the homes of everyday people, care homes, and hospitals. A consistent and refined branding system was implemented across the product interface and casing, creating a smart connected home appliance.