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Kroeger is a grocery chain in the Mid-west which allows customers to carry semi-automatic firearms in their grocery stores. So Moms Demand Action launched a campaign to bring an end to their policy. Following the December 2012 massacre in a Newtown, Conn. school that left 28 people dead, Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America formed to galvanize public action to establish common-sense gun reforms.


Our research showed that CSR within corporations had undergone profound change, moving from defensive campaigns to a more proactive stance. Organizations particularly sensitive to public opinion and/or small changes in top line sales, such as retailers who allowed the public to legally carry loaded guns in their stores, could be targeted. We collaborated and created the campaign vision, creative, and website.


4 Cannes Lions. From a campaign budget of less than $350,000, over 300 million unique earned media impressions were generated, as well as 1.5 million individual responses – including 360,000 petition signatures and 16,000 complaint calls to Kroger. Since launching in 2015, 15,763 new no-carry zones have now been created. Receipts on now total $500k in lost Kroger revenue.