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CBC is Canada’s official broadcaster and is listened to by over 40million people worldwide. CBC’s belief is that they owe Canadians the truth about why they collect cookies and track users, which they must do in order to provide relevant content and maximize ad revenue.


Propellerhead was brought in to explore the relationship that Canadians have with the CBC and to discover a new paradigm for privacy, cookies and tracking. Propellerhead conducted deep research into what Canadians think about the CBC, where CBC’ers see the future of the organization and how other companies have pioneered privacy for their own audiences.


We presented  CBC with a new paradigm for thinking about privacy: transparency.  Further, we developed the idea of the command centre, giving users the power to control how much CBC knows about them. Finally, by changing the conversation from data collection to teamwork, we showed that  Canadians can become a part of building a world class broadcaster by sharing their preferences for content delivery.