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CBC approached Propellerhead to better understand its online user behaviour in order to optimize web content across its global network to improve engagement levels. The organization understands the need for customer centric decisions in order to tailor their content, product development, and service delivery. In short - knowing what people like - means better content can be created for them.


In collaboration with CBC we approached the challenge by asking several questions to frame project development: Why navigate to How do current visitors use the site? How interesting do they find the content produced? Focus could not be singular in our approach - the CBC team had already faced challenges in the analysis of user-data. We re-explored definitions: How else can we define engagement?


CBC was left with a tool that has been able to accurately deduce the relevance of its content offering.  We built an analytics platform and stored user data in a graph database (enabling us to perform very unconventional queries about website traffic very rapidly) before bolting it onto CBC’s website in order to deepen the understanding of visitor’s likes & behaviour and better understand the effects of content tweaking.